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Managed vs Unmanaged Hosting: Complete Differences explained

Today, Web hosting offerings are like a wast sea full of options. It is like choosing best among equals. With few features to be compared as with advancements in the technology every hosting provider is capable of providing best facilities. Among all these hosting types there is one more option of Managed vs Unmanaged Hosting. We will understand each of them individually and try to find out all differences between both of them.

Whenever someone buys hosting plan some things come associated with it like management of resources, security enhancements, software upgrades, regular backups and many other such important activities.

If the activity is simple enough to be done by anyone it is all good. In case, for activity to be completed some technical knowledge about servers, security is required otherwise it can be a Hot mess. As this activity can take down your website with it and may cause inconvenience and problems for your readers, users.

Managed vs Unmanaged Hosting: Differences

Short-but-Sweet Explanation

In case of Managed hosting all the hardware/software upgrades and installations, operating system issues, security upgrades and installations, site backups and all site related activity will be done by your provider you don’t need to worry for even a minute. Obviously, all this extra service comes for extra cost.

In Unmanaged Hosting, website owner will need to do all these activities. It is not very hard but you will need to keep an eye on it, so that you don’t miss anything important. You save a lot of money with this approach.

In conclusion, for Shared/Wordpress hosting, I will recommend that you try to put some time in managing hosting yourself as you will save lot of money. If you don’t want that at all then you can go for managed hosting.

In my opinion as you go for VPS or handle high traffic website then you can go for managed hosting as it will save you lot of time and can help you focus on website instead of management.

Managed Hosting

A Managed hosting offers support for every single issue or task, emergency or routine. It typically includes Operating System(OS), Control panel(cPanel), complete server setup, and pre-installed applications/softwares are managed, and supported by the service provider. Usually managed to host includes automated backup and monitoring to provide a secure Hosting service.

Assistance is provided by the Hosting provider at every possible step be it small or big. Customer/website owner doesn’t need to worry about anything at all. Obviously, at some extra cost.


  • Complete support is given by the hosting provider
  • Support will be provided 24/7/365 so customer can relax and focus only on building site
  • No need to have technical expertise at all
  • Regular installations and upgrades of softwares
  • More Secure as security upgrades, malware/virus scanning and removal is done
  • Faster speed and performance


  • Higher Cost
  • No control on server configuration
  • Dependency over hosting providers

UnManaged Hosting

As opposed to the Managed hosting, Unmanaged hosting offers only basic facilities like Control Panel, some software installations. There is no special or dedicated support provided to website owner.

Notifications regarding upgrades, software installations is given but website owner needs to do it all themselves. Website owner need to be aware of the procedures for doing all that stuff himself. Little technical expertise is needed to perform these tasks. In this case website owners can save a lot of money by doing some basic tasks themselves.


  • Low cost compared to managed hosting
  • Best suited for bloggers/small businesses
  • Need to have some technical expertise
  • Saves a lot of money that can be invested into website to make it better
  • Root access to the server and full control


  • Maintenance tasks are to be handled by the user
  • If you are stuck at some important issue, website might go down
  • Performance monitoring is not available

What to Choose, Managed or UnManaged hosting ?

Go for Managed hosting if,

  • You don’t want to waste even some time on website management
  • Doesn’t understand how to install any software or don’t have even little computer related experience
  • Don’t want to worry about security upgrades for the site
  • Want fast and performant website
  • Can spend some extra money

Go for UnManaged hosting if,

  • You have some time on your hand and can manage website on your own with confidence
  • Want to learn how website management works
  • Have very basic technical knowledge to handle website
  • Can install/upgrade necessary softwares
  • Want to Save a lot of money

Typically, All the hosting types like WordPress hosting, VPS, Cloud, dedicated server all hosting types provide options of managed and unmanaged hosting services.

Hopefully after reading this post you have some basic idea about what is Managed and UnManaged hosting and how it works. Take an informed decision while opting for one of them.

Thank you and keep visiting us for more 🙂

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Following are some of the providers which have both managed and Unmanaged hosting options:

Hostinger is Established in 2004, Hostinger now has over 29 million users. It offers cheapest shared hosting plans with best-in-class support/services.
Hostinger provides free domain, multi-lingual customer support, guaranteed uptime, easy-to-use interface, one-click-installs, money-back-guarantee among many other good features.
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Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts. It is reliable for shared hosting. 
Bluehost is best in terms of reliability, great customer reviews, goof reputation, maximum uptime, money-back-guarantee, security, performance and speed.
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DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based web hosting provider and domain name registrar established 1996.
Shared hosting plans are affordable and reliable. 
Dreamhost is affordable, has updated servers, unlimited bandwidth/storage, no unnecessary add-ons,money-back-guarantee.
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Hostwinds is another well known brands with best affordable plans.
Hostwinds has Excellent VPS and cloud hosting plans, good customer support, unlimited bandwidth, minecraft server hosting, affordable pricing.
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SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004. It reports servicing more than 2,000,000 domains worldwide. Shared hosting plans are priced best for services provided.
Siteground is wordpress recommended hosting service, great performance and speed, reliable while maintaining affordable prices.
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