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7 Strong Signs that you Upgrade current hosting plan

Simple Web hosting plans have made it possible for even a single web page to be available online for everyone in the world. It is really great that many writers/bloggers, businesses have started using online resources and are reaching out to more people. If you are reading this then hopefully you are owning a website and have basic hosting plan active. We will look at 7 strong signs that indicate owners to upgrade their current hosting plan.

Normally, when anyone or small business is starting out with their site they go for shared web hosting. As the website becomes popular and website traffic increases Shared hosting might find it difficult to manage the increased load and website might start facing some or the other issue.

We will take a look at 7 Signs that indicate you to Upgrade your current hosting plan and opt for a better plan with more resources that can handle increased attention to the website easily.

7 Signs that you should upgrade your hosting plan

1. Website is becoming slower

When you are in Share hosting environment you have limited resources like bandwidth, storage etc. If your neighbour eats your lunch then it is quite obvious that you will need to settle for a sandwich. As the environment is shared, if other sites are heavy and are attracting more traffic it will slow your site also. You need to upgrade for better hardware, high performance processors.

2. Increased user traffic

If Your site is becoming popular among the users/readers then it is quite possible that you get more n more visitors than expected. Once you get more visitors your SEO ranking also improves which will again drive more traffic. More traffic means more consumption of resources like bandwidth, storage. Need to upgrade for more bandwidth, storage.

3. Insufficient security

As your website becomes popular, bad people in the web world like hackers, attackers target your site. Make sure you have all security upgrades, SSL certificate, malware/virus protection and removal facility, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection and other security features. If you feel something is missing in terms of security that is a sign for upgrade.

4. Frequent Downtime

Today, downtime is not at all expected from any web hosting provider. If you have started seeing more downtime it is either time to upgrade or even change your Hosting provider as downtime guarantees are 99.99%+ in today’s scenario. There could be reasons for downtime like security attacks, software failed among many others.

5. Want to Expand and add more features

If you want to expand by adding more subdomains, domains, features like increased email accounts, more FTP users and accounts. All this is not a part of basic hosting plans. You will need to upgrade to better hosting plan so that you can expand easily.

6. You need more control

You will want to make custom changes that suits your needs. Also you will need root access to the server for making those changes which is not available in the basic plans. If you have better hosting plan then customizing your server is easily possible.

7. Spending some Money is no Issue

To be able to achieve above mentioned features by upgrading to better hosting plans you will need few Extra bucks. Unless you pay extra you will not be able to get rid of above six problems. Make sure you have enough savings to manage it. Don’t worry you can make more money through your website once you have upgraded to better hosting plan.

Which hosting option to upgrade to ?

Following are the three options available for you if you were using Shared web hosting plans.

  • VPS Virtual Private Server HostingMost logical next step to level up your current website with little more money.
  • Cloud hosting – If you have really more traffic and you want flexible pricing and more reliable hosting.
  • Dedicated server – If you are moving towards enterprise level or large business. Also want whole server just for your site for better speed/performance.

These are the 7 strong signs that tell you to upgrade your hosting plan from basic one to a better one so that your website keeps helping people and more traffic can be handled very smoothly by your server.

Hope that you have some understanding of when to change your hosting plan.
Thank you and Keep visiting us 🙂

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