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Making easy money online through Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is one of the easiest option available for aspiring entrepreneurs, web developers, individuals looking for an additional income. We will understand what Reseller hosting is and process for making easy money online through Reseller hosting is possible.

Today every small business is online and to be online everyone needs a hosting provider.

We will come straight to the point with two simple questions any person would ask at the end of the boring lecture on earning money.

Is it really possible to make money through Reseller hosting?

– Short answer, Definitely YES

How much do I need to invest to get started ?

– As low as 100 Dollars or 5000 Indian Rupees (for better service or you can also start with 50-70 Dollars but to be high quality Reseller right from the start 100 Dollars is good starting point)

You will be happy to continue reading further in case, you are satisfied reading above two answers.

Let us understand everything about Reseller hosting and then check on how can you cash on the process of reseller hosting.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting services provide resources for websites to be accessible for every person in the world. Hosting is basically some computer like your own PC with hard disk, RAM, processor etc. It is located somewhere remote and connected to World Wide Web (WWW).

Like you copy one file/song/movie from one computer in a Pen Drive and paste into another computer. Similarly you copy your website into other computer which is connected to WWW. When you copy it to that computer the it is accessible over internet. In this case, Hosting provider is the owner of that computer and charges you some money for your website to be stored in their machine.

Earn money with Reseller hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller as the name suggests is buying some thing and selling it again obviously to make profit out of it. It is like any other retailer who buys from manufacturer and selling to the consumer. Making easy money

Reseller hosting functions on the same model. A person or an organisation buys Hosting resources like Hard disk space, processors, bandwidth, domains, other services from an established provider in wholesale/Bulk and sells it to the end users. In this process, Reseller makes money while selling hosting services to individual users or clients.

Simply put, Buy in Bulk and sell in small chunks to make profit from hosting resources.

For example, you will buy 100 GB of Disk space from your provider for 100 Dollars. You sell it to 10 different clients for 20 Dollars per 10 GB of Disk space earning 200 Dollars, you make clear profit of 100 Dollars.

Today, there are resellers out there who are earning as high as 1000 Dollars a day. This is not possible in a day but by building your brand step by step and being CONSISTENT is the key. You don’t need to work very hard but you need to work everyday for an hour for six months. I assure you you will earn money even while you are sleeping without any extra efforts.

Steps to Make easy money online with Reseller hosting

1) Understand process of Hosting through thorough Research and select a reliable Hosting provider

2) Analyse their reseller packages and choose that best suites you. According to the resources provided. Also check out monthly packages and yearly packages. You can start with smallest/cheapest of all and try out if you can actually Resell.

3) Create your own customized hosting packages by dividing resources according to plans. You can follow standard practices to create packages. Going through existing packages of some resellers can give you a hint about it.

4) Decide price for your package based on the resources and values of the package. You can divide it into categories like Basic, Premium, Ultra-premium. Naming is upto you. Whitelabelling will help you, it is acting as web provider instead of reseller. People will look at you as a brand not your parent hosting company.

5) Now most importantly, Find out your potential customers, advertise your hosting plans. You are owner of small web hosting company once you purchase a reseller plan. It is your brand now, advertise it using modern digital platforms, social media, friends and whatever you can to get more people use your service.

6) Once you get desired attention, Sell your custom hosting packages as if you are the owner of the web hosting company. Take care of the relationship that you are building with clients however small the client.

7) You get whatever you were waiting for, Earn handsome profits as you make more sales.

8) Hosting is a recurring business. If you were a good provider and help your clients, . You will get your clients to renew plans and keep your customers happy.

Start with small packages, provided by Reseller hosting providers. Try to understand the entire process, its advantages/disadvantages by practically doing everything yourself. Practical knowledge is much more important that reading up things.

If you follow this dedicatedly you can have reseller hosting as a great source of income in addition to your day job. Also you can take up this as a full time business with aggressive involvement and go great heights.

Brand building in Reseller Hosting

Once you have even one customer, you are on the other side of the transaction. You are a provider now.

Brand building for Reseller Hosting

Make sure you take care of following things for building your brand name and attract more customers. Make sure you treat them like you would want to be treated. Give your customers following services and you will be able to make easy money online through Reseller hosting:

  • Customer service/support
  • Understand their needs and customize your plans
  • Make most of Digital marketing
  • Give free stuff, like free domains, free SSL certificates, backups etc
  • Gain your customer’s trust through your actions and service

Choose your hosting Provider Wisely and after thorough research.

Check out Reseller hosting package details and Features

Earning easy money through Reseller hosting is a proven method of earning money online. You can sit in your room with your laptop and make thousands of Dollars.

If you are freelance or a small web company or aspiring entrepreneur then you MUST try out Reseller hosting to add an extra service for your clients and make money through it.

Go ahead, make decision and buy a reseller hosting plan to start your business and be YOUR OWN BOSS. Getting started is very cheap, it is like spending money worth one drunk night in a pub/club for your bright future.

Hope you have understood about Reseller hosting and how you can make money out of it.
Thank you and Keep visiting us for more 🙂

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Some well known and reliable Reseller hosting providers:

Hostinger is Established in 2004, Hostinger now has over 29 million users. It offers cheapest shared hosting plans with best-in-class support/services.
Hostinger provides free domain, multi-lingual customer support, guaranteed uptime, easy-to-use interface, one-click-installs, money-back-guarantee among many other good features.
Check out the plans yourself!

Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts. It is reliable for shared hosting. 
Bluehost is best in terms of reliability, great customer reviews, goof reputation, maximum uptime, money-back-guarantee, security, performance and speed.
Check out plans yourself!

DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based web hosting provider and domain name registrar established 1996.
Shared hosting plans are affordable and reliable. 
Dreamhost is affordable, has updated servers, unlimited bandwidth/storage, no unnecessary add-ons,money-back-guarantee.
Check out plans yourself!

Hostwinds is another well known brands with best affordable plans.
Hostwinds has Excellent VPS and cloud hosting plans, good customer support, unlimited bandwidth, minecraft server hosting, affordable pricing.
Check out plans yourself!

SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004. It reports servicing more than 2,000,000 domains worldwide. Shared hosting plans are priced best for services provided.
Siteground is wordpress recommended hosting service, great performance and speed, reliable while maintaining affordable prices.
Check out plans yourself!

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