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8 Important features Reseller Hosting MUST provide

If you are reading this you might be aware of Reseller hosting and its advantages/details. When a small business, freelance web-developer, aspiring entrepreneur want to opt for Reseller hosting they must keep in mind following 8 important features Reseller hosting MUST provide.

Reseller hosting will be a success if parent hosting provider is a great one. By great one I mean, reliable and easy-to-manage. When you choose parent host half of the battle is won or lost there itself. Making an informed decision while choosing Reseller hosting provider finishes 50% of the work otherwise if provider is not a reliable one then you will lose everything even when you try very hard from your side.

Choosing good Reseller web hosting provider solves all problems

Go through following checklist before choosing your Reseller hosting provider to scale new heights and be a successful reseller.

1. Disk Space

Analyse your client needs and get storage accordingly. Check out options like SSDs as they have better read-write speed. Too much disk space can be waste of resource as you will end up paying for it if you don’t have that many clients. Start small but research about plans to upgrade.

2. Bandwidth

You should have Unlimited bandwidth plans or at least bandwidth should be enough when multiple clients use your hosting solution. If you only don’t get good bandwidth assurance how will you be able to cater to the needs of your clients. You will be in trouble or irritated with your client complains.

3. Software / Hardware

Website builders, one-click-installs for popular softwares like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. Support for different hosting like PHP, Python, Java etc. along with Operating System (OS)of your choice.

Make sure you get latest processors, number of CPU cores for better speed and performance. If you get outdated hardware you will be waiting for upgrades and enhancements but that can take forever as you will be dependent on your parent hosting provider.

4. Customer support/service

You will be buying more resources and spending little more money than individual buyer. Make sure you get a dedicated customer support team to handle your queries as you will have some or the other question while starting out and even while handling your clients. 24/7/365 customer support is must.

5. Security and Reliability

99.99%+ Guaranteed Uptime is must from your provider as then only you will be able to guarantee your clients. Also security should not be compromised because your clients will rely on you for it. Make sure you ask for free/cheap SSL certificates, malware and virus protection, regular backups, DDoS attack protection(Distributed Denial of Service) etc. You can promise same to your customers.

Also provider should be a industry leader with good reputation and great user reviews

6. Easy-to-use hosting management and interface

Simple cPanel (Control panel) to create your own hosting plans to make your life easy. It helps make all management of resources like playing a computer game.

White-labelling – taking hosting services from provider and allows you to add your own branding and sell it as your own. It enables you to provide hosting to clients as if it was your product.
Today, WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) comes with all the standard Reseller hosting providers, check for it as it is like one-stop for all hosting management.

7. Very useful Add-ons

Your reseller hosting provider must give unlimited domains, subdomains, email accounts, FTP accounts, services to enhance performance and speed of servers, simplified billing for you and your clients, free site migration support. etc. These may be small things but they surely make huge impact when you start getting more clients.

8. Affordable pricing and Money-back-guarantee

If you get best-value deals or cheapest prices then you can make more money off bigger margins and earn better profits. Make sure you compare prices with other standard reseller hosting providers.
Also, most providers have 30-day money back guarantee which is of great help in case you don’t like something or the other.

These are some important features that your Reseller hosting provider MUST provide you. Also you must Get-on-a-call with your provider for simplest of queries or better understanding of features as it will clear lot of things. Also speaking to provider might increase your trust levels.

Hope you are now aware of important features of Reseller hosting provider and how to choose it.

Thanks for visiting us and keep coming back for more 🙂

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