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Dedicated web hosting: Complete Definition & Information

Enterprise clients, Organisations, Online service providers have Websites with huge huge traffic. There is no way these websites or web-services can be functioning properly as per expectation with Shared or VPS hosting. As there is sharing of some or the other resources involved. Managing so much traffic involves optimisation as per our own need without worrying about or being limited by others who are sharing resources with us.

Dedicated servers provides full access to server resources (CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Bandwidth) dedicated to a single client for use as needed. It is completely managed by single owner.

What is dedicated web hosting ?
What is Dedicated hosting service ?

Dedicated web hosting details

According to wikipedia, A dedicated hosting service or server is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. This is more flexible than Shared/VPS hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, bandwidth, memory etc.

With dedicated hosting, client has the entire server to do whatever you want with it. So not only will client get access to greater levels of server resources, but you can optimize this server to your website’s unique requirements and make most out of the resources available.

However, it also comes at a higher cost, and requires more knowledge in order to maintain it. If you have requirement for it then there is nothing that tops Dedicated hosting for better performance.

How Dedicated hosting works actually ?

So basically, Dedicated hosting is opposite of Shared hosting. For dedicated hosting first of all Client customer chooses following in order:

  • Hardware – Check what processor, memory, storage capacity, CPUs, bandwidth is required and finalize on it with past experience and requirement.
  • Software – Choose operating system to be installed like Windows, Linux, CentOS etc then look for best virtualization softwares along with hPanel, cPanel, database requirements, technology support.
  • Additional services – Dedicated customer service/support, security requirements like handling DDoS attacks, Firewalls, Inter-server migration etc. Some of it might come for additional cost depending on the Hosting provider.

Then these three things are combined to get best System in place after some fine tuning applied over it.
Management of all these resources is required we require some expert to handle it. As this extra dedicated features are of no use, if necessary settings are not done to get best results.
Speed and performance is best with dedicated hosting.

Should you go for Dedicated hosting ?

If you have at least 2-3 points matching from the below list you should go for Dedicated hosting plans.

  • You are medium+ level business/oraganisation, with growing online traffic
  • Currently on VPS hosting but want to upgrade for better service
  • Facing problems like bandwidth, slowness in VPS/Shared hosting
  • Need more storage
  • Need full control over the server
  • Have technical expertise
  • Can hire technical person if needed
  • Ready to spend extra bucks for better service
  • Most importantly, website has huge traffic like 10000+ daily views.

Checklist to choose your dedicated hosting provider
  • Hardware quality – Basic requirements are processing power, memory, storage offered. Also make sure it is in trends and latest possible versions so that it can go long way for you. Asking for SSDs for better speed, dual power supplies can be very fruitful.
  • Customer service/support – You will be paying lot of money for dedicated hosting. Normally. you get customer support but it should not be there for namesake check for reviews and customer support quality.
  • Service level agreements SLAs – Basic documentation of the services provided and guarantees. This is must so that if it is not met you can take appropriate actions
  • Bandwidth and Connection speed – This will depend on location of data centres, quality and diversity of network carriers.
  • Managed and Unmanaged offerings – Evaluate differences between these two as you might end up spending more money.
  • Uptime – With dedicated servers you can be sure of no sharing and no downtime due to others. Hosting server itself might be down in some cases, make sure you have 99.99%+ uptime guaranteed.
  • Scalability – When you are spending so much you should ensure that when you upgrade you have least possible renewal costs. It will be possible if scalability is guaranteed already.
  • Best value deal – Minimum or optimized costs should be given for you service.
  • Security – Your provider should provide basic facilities. For example, firewall, DDoS attacks prevention, SSL certificates, malware, virus prevention, intrusion detection and handling.
  • Regular upgrades – Hardware and Software upgrades for OS patches, latest developments should be provided along with add-ons.
  • Money-back-guarantee – Your provider should give you at least 30-day money back guarantee. In case, in initial 30 days you can predict for coming one year service and act accordingly.
Advantages of Dedicated hosting
  • Improved Website Speed and Performace
  • Greater flexibility and Optimization
  • Better Enhanced Security
  • Increased Reliabilty
  • Easily provided Scalability
  • Unique IP address
  • Increased control over your site


Disadvantages of Dedicated hosting
  • Increased Monthly cost – but it is worth it if used properly
  • Better Technical knowledge
  • Need to spend time/human resource for managing it
  • Need to continue with hosting service even if unhappy (Sometimes)

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These are basic details about Dedicated hosting service and checklist for choosing a dedicated hosting provider. Hopefully now you are clear about dedicated hosting service.
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