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7 Important factors while choosing your Web hosting provider

As a beginner blogger or a small business we want to have our own website then next logical step is to go ahead and register with some hosting provider and get started with a plan that is best suitable for us. This post will tell you about 7 most important factors to keep in mind while choosing your

Most of the people blindly follow some online blogs without understanding what are the features of the plan and why any of those features are required while purchasing a web hosting plan.

If you don’t have time to read entire details following seven are the features to be checked before purchasing any available plan.

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth and storage space
  2. Timely site backups
  3. Powerful control panel
  4. Reliable Customer support/service
  5. WordPress Integration (Also support to other)
  6. Good reviews and reputation
  7. Value-for-money plans and renewal costs

1. Unlimited Bandwidth and storage space

Bandwidth in web hosting context is the amount of data your website can transfer to your users in a given amount of time. Typically, bandwidth is calculated and sold in Gigabytes (GB) by providers. This is normally calculated for a month, if it is limited bandwidth plan then after certain limit say 100GB, provider will charge you additionally to continue with services.

Providers also claim to provide Unlimited hosting in higher range of plans but it is normally not actually Unlimited but as long as you are an Individual or small/medium business with limited visitors you need not worry about it as available bandwidth is Unlimited for you.

Make sure you purchase plans with Unlimited bandwidth just to avoid further charges as change in cost is minimal.

Storage capacity is simple to understand as amount of memory available on server for your site. As your site grows you add more images, posts etc you are adding on to that space but having 10+ GB of storage capacity should be enough for a beginner.

2. Timely site backups

As your site grows you will be adding some or the other thing to it everyday so it is better if your provider gives you backup facility so that you don’t lose your important data.

Daily backups are provided in higher plans but you must choose a plan that is at least providing you with weekly backup facility.

3. Powerful control panel

Today most of the web hosting providers come with powerful control panel or popularly known as cPanel. This should be included in your basic plan as it is necessary for managing your site. There are some providers out there who charge for having this basic facility.

It should be included in your basic plan so that you don’t have to pay additionally for some basic feature of the website management.

4. Reliable Customer support/service

When you are beginner or even when you have basic understanding of website management we normally stumble upon some problem with our site and to have a great customer support 24/7/365 is very important. We don’t understand it’s importance until we face any serious issue.

Great customer service/support can help you solve all of your problems as quickly as possible. People normally go for cheaper options but then when it comes to handling any issues they have nowhere to go and money spent is as good as wasted.

5. WordPress Integration (Also support to other)

If you are building a normal site initially you are most probably going for wordpress as it is quickest/easiest/best option to get started with. WordPress enables you to go live with your site in literally minutes !

Having easy-to-use wordpress option is necessary, one-click-install have become very popular as for non-technical people it is as easy as using normal mobile application.

If you are planning to have more interactive site then you need to ensure that apart from php your provider has capability for Java, Python, Ruby-on-Rails hosting.

6. Good reviews and reputation

If you have come here to read this, I am pretty sure that you are a smart buyer and you believe in researching thoroughly before buying then you definitely know the importance of good product reviews and how they help you before buying anything.

Make sure that provider that you are choosing a well-known brand or at least has all basic capabilities that you are searching for, as little money spent with bad provider is almost like wasting your money.

7. Value-for-money plans and renewal costs

There are many Web hosting service providers out there who provide cheap plans when you sign-up but those prices shoot up to more than 50% when your plan is up for renewal. So think about total costs considering renewal.

Good option while buying is purchasing for longer period like 2-3+ years as it might take away more money now but it gives you service for lot of time. Also you will need not worry about renewal soon and you can concentrate on your site.
Other reason for buying long-term plans is that as a beginner we tend to start with lot of enthusiasm but after first few weeks our enthusiasm dies down and by the time we are again planning to start working on our website, hosting plan is up for renewal or has expired and it again pulls down that enthusiasm to spend more money and begin again.

To be honest it costs like 1 night of insane drinking at a bar/pub on a weekend with friends to buy web hosting for 5 years or more. So considering it as investment in yourself or your hobby choose best plan for your website(s).

Hope this post helps you to understand important factors while choosing web hosting and make most any plan you choose 🙂

Thank you. Keep visiting us 🙂

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