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What are Web Hosting services ?

Today, having your own website is the need of the hour, whether you own a business, small shop, blog or any other service because every possible thing is on the internet now.

Following are some pointers to understand web hosting services in brief.

What is Web hosting service ?

According to wikipedia, A Web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.

So, as a blogger/website-owner you buy some space on server which then server makes it possible for website to be accessible to everyone through World Wide Web. To get idea of the flow, following diagram by Mangools is easy to understand:

Types of Web Hosting services:

According to the need of the clients/businesses hosting service can be chosen. Hosting service are divided into many types but following are the most popular, this distinction is done on the basis of resources needed and hence optimized cost for the clients, which make it affordable even for smallest of the clients.

Shared Hosting

This kind of web hosting is most widely used as apart from very popular sites, most websites are having smaller reach and is limited to few visitors. Hence there is no need of having dedicated services as these involve lot of costs.
With Shared hosting lot of resources like memory, disk-space, computing power are shared among others. It is best suited for first-time website owners, full-time & part-time bloggers, smaller businesses, startups.

If you are first-time owner of a website, close your eyes and go for Shared hosting. WordPress hosting, a special type of shared hosting can get your site up in minutes, literally!!!


  • Lowest cost
  • Best suited for bloggers/small businesses
  • No need to have technical expertise
  • In-built tools for developing site
  • User-friendly control panels


  • Other sites might impact the performance
  • Once traffic grows it becomes difficult to manage
  • No control on server configuration
Shared vs VPS hosting (Image Source)

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server(VPS) hosting is also kind of Shared hosting but in this case client gets a dedicated partition on the server hence there is some control with the client. VPS hosting is great for rapidly growing businesses or blogs where traffic has increased and to manage that VPS can prove to be great option.


  • Dedicated server space
  • No effect on performance even with high traffic
  • Root access to server
  • User-friendly control panels


  • Slightly costlier than Shared hosting
  • Need to have proper expertise
  • Wrong configuration can have impact on site

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is mainly suitable for medium-scale, large-scale businesses/websites as this hosting type is more powerful, reliable, easily-scalable. Cluster of servers is available to owner in this case and there is data and resources replication on each of them making system more resilient, reliable and fault-tolerant.

Customer/Client has flexibility to add/remove more resources based on the need and this flexibility makes it more reliable and cost-effective.


  • Pay-as-you go pricing plans to make it cost-effective
  • Fault-tolerant as system has little or no effect on failures
  • Can add/remove resources as per need
  • Almost no downtime


  • Costlier than Shared/VPS hosting
  • Need to have proper expertise for scaling up/down
  • Wrong configuration can have impact on site and also on cost

Hostinger Cloud hosting pricing plans

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is mainly preferred by enterprise-level websites. In this case there is dedicated server for the customer/client’s website where there is no sharing of any resource therefore, as expected the performance is at peak according to other configuration done for memory, disk-space etc. It is generally preferred when the traffic is high and we don’t want to share resources for all sorts of reasons like speed, performance, security.

Dedicated web hosting offer you both managed and unmanaged server. There is full/root access to the server and client can configure the system as per their requirement.


  • Full control over configuration
  • High performance
  • High reliability and security because of dedicated server
  • Almost no downtime


  • Costliest among all hosting options
  • Need to have proper expertise for service configuration

(Image Source)

There are many other kinds of hosting options and services but above given four are most widely used/popular. Following are the kinds of hosting services:

  • Reseller web hosting
  • Managed hosting service
  • Grid hosting
  • Clustered hosting
  • Colocation web hosting service

I hope above given points have helped you understand basics of Web hosting services as a concept and various offerings available for starting our own websites.

Thanks and visit again here for more information 🙂

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