What is Product Factsheet all about?

As a customer, who is smart and believes in researching about any product before buying we ask our friends about the product, we search online about it. Today almost everything is available online. Sometimes, it happens that we find the information is incomplete or some important detail is uncovered. In some cases information is too much or very less as per expectation. Product factsheet will try and bridge this gap of information.

As a reader, we always want things to be short-but-sweet where important aspects should also be covered without unnecessary lectures about the physical product or softwares.

Factsheet comes into picture here to make information concise but to the point. According to wikipedia, A fact sheetfactsheetfact file or (in some industries) one sheet is a presentation of information and data in a format that emphasizes key points concisely, usually using tables, bullet points and/or headings, on a single printed page.

This term is mostly used for providing reports for example WHO factsheets, US government reports, Mutual funds and many such cases.

With Product factsheet we want to provide useful information to customer which can be understood in a glance. Where customer/reader save their time researching about a product and get all details in one place.

We will start and keep improving as we move ahead in this journey 🙂 Keep visiting us for more and suggest us better things 🙂

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